Lymphatic drainage & energy

Lymphatic Drainage Associated with Chinese Energy

From Dominique Jacquemet

The baptized Lymphatic drainage Energie® was developed by Dominique Jacquemay after 15 years of research and practice.

The lymph, a true “elixir of life” that allows our body to purify and regenerate itself. 
The lymphatic vessels are very thin and circulate “on the surface of the skin”.

The Lymphatic Energie® method aims to facilitate the natural self-cleansing of toxins from the body gently. It is distinguished by unseen maneuvers “in waves” fluid and chained. 
The latter promote the acceleration of the lymphatic flow.

The dexterity of the lympho-energetic practitioner is of great importance.

During the session, he began listening to the fluid and fuel rhythms specific to the person.

Results: Effectively combats stress, loss of vitality, circulatory difficulties, cellulite and water retention.

Strengthen the effect of drainage by acupressing or digito-puncture

A work of effleurages and stimulation of points in synergy along the meridians (Rate, Kidney, Liver …) conveying the Qi come enrich the method. 
It is a gentle, respectful, conscious and precise body touch. 
This technique provides a great relaxation and a pleasant feeling to the repairing effects for the body.

The massage is performed by Me Christiane BEORCHIA, graduated from the school Jacquement in 2007 
Body Length: 1 hr.