the fasting process

It is necessary to make a break in your pace of life and this one is essential to detach oneself from the professional or family worries which aggravate the daily stress, the overwork or a beginning of burnout.
It is therefore necessary to consider this phase before your arrival and get off of your eating habits by avoiding fatty foods, meat and alcohol and by privileging vegetables, fruits with a moderate ration of starchy foods.
The evening of your arrival, a light dinner will be served with, for example, a soup and dessert non-acid fruits (grape or pear).
A medical evaluation is carried out at your arrival as part of your assessment to assess your health and personalize your stay.


D1: The first day of fasting 
It starts with a bowl of tea or coffee when you wake up with free drinks (half a liter of fruity water or herbal teas during the morning).
The morning will be reserved for a meditation session followed by stretching. A first lympho-energetic massage of 60 minutes will complete this first day of letting go.
At noon, you will receive a quarter of a liter of freshly squeezed vegetables and a quarter of a liter of fresh fruit juice.
In the afternoon, water and various herbal teas should be consumed at the rate of 2 liters with one to two teaspoons of honey to avoid the tendency to hypoglycemia. The caloric intake remains around 250 kcal and will avoid an organic reaction to the whole young person.
This period will be conducive to a siesta in the park of the property if the weather permits or a little walk for half an hour.
The evening meal will consist of a quarter of a liter of fresh and organic vegetable broth.
Relaxing herbal tea and mouthwash with a drop of clove essential oil in water for optimal breath. An olfactory atmosphere of essential oil of lavender, sweet orange will be diffused in your room for a serene and soothing night.
The evening will be free with the possibility of hearing relaxing music or television if a particular program is close to your heart.


D2: The 2nd day of fasting
You must learn to listen to your body and your needs by being prone to passivity and rest or moderate activity. The feeling of hunger is still present but will fade. This is not the time to let go and you have to stay strong pending the resumption of energy that will occur in the next few days.
On the nutritional level, you will continue the herbal teas and the water at the rate of 2 to 3 liters, if necessary with a little sugar in case of hypoglycemia sensation.
The morning light tea or coffee is always there.
The lunch is composed of a quarter liter of freshly squeezed fruit juices or vegetables.
The supper includes a quarter of a liter of vegetable broth.
In terms of physical activity, the morning stretching session is there to unlock you.
If you are not too tired, you will discover the Beaujolais trails starting with an hour’s walk.
For the more sporty, the practice of the bicycle is allowed with a companion.
The siesta remains rigorous without wanting to be performing. Take a book, let your laptop turn off the day and only consult it at night.
In case of an annoying symptom or an unusual reaction, let your hosts know who you are.


D3: 3rd day of fasting 
You start your day with meditation, stretching.
A second lympho-energetic massage of 60 minutes will be proposed to you during the day.
A new energy can already appear with a renewed vitality. You are proud of yourself and enjoy all the time (reading, music, writing with a logbook) The morning meditation session will give you a positive dynamic. Walking and trying the bike.
The dietary aspect remains the same and any feeling of hunger should disappear.


D4 to D8: 5 days of fasting 
You keep the same rhythm for the 3 snacks with if necessary natural treatment of a usual constipation. You may feel a cold sensation that is usual and may require a warm garment.
You have now passed the difficult heading that you apprehend and can, in all quietude savor life. Learn to cultivate positive thoughts and live every moment of your stay in acceptance and gratitude.
If you were disturbed by a relational or existential problem, fasting allows you to see more clearly within yourself and to see outcomes of conflict with renewed courage and determination.
Other personalized treatments (facials, massages of the world or 3rd lympho-energetic massage) will be offered to you in option during the day.


D9 and D10: interruption of fasting and 1st day of re-feeding 
Keep an identical liquid diet with 2 to 3 liters of daily liquids (water and herbal teas) that you distribute during the day.
The ritual of tea or coffee is maintained in the morning with an oat care cake.
In the morning: start with an apple or another fruit (possibly in compote) with hazelnuts, almonds and cashew nuts.
At noon: cooked vegetable (spinach type, tomatoes, zucchini).
Afternoon: a fruit compote with oilseeds.
In the evening: creamy soup of carrots-potatoes type.
Enjoy this replenishment of about 400 kcal, by eating and chewing slowly, to stimulate the digestive juices and regaining the taste of each food. The return to daily life will be progressive with the return of hunger and satiety. A feeling of bloating reflected the resumption of digestive work before the return of daily stools. Take bread to the sound and mild laxatives if this recovery is delayed.
The next day, the caloric intake is widened to 800 kcal with the reintroduction of starchy foods: rice or quinoa, pasta or potatoes with seasonal vegetables (cooked and digestible rather than salad), cheese white fruit while keeping a Water supply of a good liter between meals. You will rebuild the reserves of hepatic glycogen and fat. Amino acids will participate in a new synthesis of proteins.
Then take back the course of your life by keeping the principle of a healthy diet without processed meat, deli meats, cooked or very sweet dishes. You may already regret the sensation of lightness due to fasting, but the heat returns with the renewed pleasures of the table.